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Are you still suffering from chronic pain? 

Experience movement that heals...

Tap into your bodies innate wisdom and find the most efficient practices to unwind your body and mind to support your life and dreams. 

*Individualized sessions held online

Work with Jena

Mind-Body Practicioner

Have you heard that pain is just in the brain and don't know where to start? Have you been told you have psychosomatic pain or mind-body pain? 

I have 10+ years of experience helping people get out of pain. I combine the best nervous system calming exercises and integrate them into our current knowledge of pain science. 

I will teach you safe and pain free movements.

I will teach you how to integrate these simple techniques into daily life.

I will use energy medicine and embodiment practices to guide you on your healing journey for long lasting pain relief.
Jena Hansen-Honeycutt

What I Specialize In

Learn Movement Designed for Your Body

Neurologically Calm Your Body




Im here to empower you to learn and explore your bodies full potential. 

"Jena has taught me that my body knows exactly what it needs to heal, and the power that comes from tapping in! I love her approach because she makes me feel that I am in more control of my progress and health than I previously thought."

- Sophia

"Jena looks at the whole person in our full complexity and works through each aspect to bring the body to harmony."

- Lindsey

Do you want to be empowered to move?

Book Now
  • Gentle exercises to unlock your body and tap into your bodies wisdom

    1 hr
    175 US dollars
  • Learn the best breathing techniques to support your body and movement

    30 min
    80 US dollars
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