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  • Do you feel out of touch with your body? 

  • Are you having a hard time doing the things you love? 

  • Are you experiencing chronic pain?

  • Did your previous attempts to reconnect with your body fail? 

  • Do you feel stuck or twisted in your body?  

  • Fearful of certain movements? 

  • Did your doctor recommend to get a stronger core? Unsure of where to start?

  • Discharged from physical therapy and still not feeling how you know you can? Are you trying to avoid surgery if possible?

  • Have you been looking for someone to listen and help you understand your body? 

  • Do you need help to build a foundation to support skills you want to learn in exercise?

I know there is an ever growing need to understand your body and how to use it. In this capacity I want to teach you how to love movement again. There could be many aspects that contribute to your blocks. I have the background knowledge to understand how interconnected the body is and how to help you unlock it. As part of my formal training, I studied the physiology, anatomy, and neuroanatomy. Furthermore, I am trained in some of the best techniques for musculoskeletal issues. This all gives me a solid foundation to facilitate bringing your body into harmony. 


All of the best techniques use the nervous system to their advantage and create gentle, precise, and coordinated stimulus to allow the body to relax and self-correct. This allows you to become self-aware of the motor patterns (e.g., habits) the body has formed and create lasting changes. I want to give you only the exercises that will make the biggest difference in the way you experience movement. 


Maybe you haven’t found movement you love or maybe you’re frustrated because movement sometimes leaves your body hurting. My techniques are designed to support you moving, achieving your goals, and feeling re-energized after movement. 

Empowering you to move freely


After obtaining my Doctorate of Athletic Training I became passionate about exploring the body further in non-traditional and more functional and integrative ways. I deeply explored how the body heals, how to understand pain signals, and why it might not heal. It was obvious to me, the body has innate healing mechanisms. I integrated these mechanisms in my own body and when working with clients. I am excited to share these profoundly healing techniques with more people.

   Experience and Education

  • Adjunct professor of anatomy and kinesiology at a university

  • Doctorate in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine)

  • 10 years of practice specializing in treatments and rehabilitations for injuries for athletes and dancers

  • Dissertation on Breathing patterns disorders and re-education

  • Applied Movement Neurology Level 2 Certified

  • Primal Reflex Release Technique Practitioner

  • Total Motion Release Certified Practitioner- Level 3

  • Kind and Compassionate

  • Intuitive guide for healing

  • Years of studying and experiencing mind-body techniques and energy medicine

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