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What you can expect...

Overview of a Session

I will ask you to demonstrate and explain some movements you feel are holding you back. I will assess your movement using simple but highly effective movements.

Ill ask you to tell your story of the sensations you feel in the movements. 

I will walk you through movement to re-experience your body’s own movement wisdom and the sensory information to turn it on. 

Ill guide you through imagery and meditation to solidify the uncovering of all that your body is capable of. 

Please set aside time and space dedicated to focus on you and your body.

The body doesn’t lie and through movement we can explore where your energy and emotions are holding you back. To supplement the exercises, I clear the old patterns and energy that might be contributing to your blocks. Emotions and stress can increase muscular tension in your body, and this is well researched. Through my work with you, you will learn your unique patterns and techniques to reduce stress and heal on a deep level. 

*All sessions will be held online via a video conference platform. 


Learn and Experience

You will learn the nuances of your bodies’ sensations and how to interact with is in a more holistic way.

You will learn how to unlock your own body through various simple but profound movements. 

You will learn how your emotions and the nervous system change your movement patterns and techniques to calm the mind and body.

You will learn how to create awareness in your body and use it to sustain your change. 


When I first worked with Jena, it was 2016 and I was post op after a hip surgery at only 19. At the time I had just finished my freshman year of college where I was a dance major. Being that dance was a career I was working towards doing professionally, this surgery was a moment that could have been detrimental to my career, as many dancers are unable to return to their art fully after this surgery. I fully and wholeheartedly believe if I was unable to work with Jena post op, I would not be pursuing dance professionally right now. Jena taught me not only typical pt exercises to return me to sport but catered them to my personal body, while continuously inventing new exercises for me to make sure I could return to what I love. Looking back though, some of the most important things she aided me beyond the exercises, where those not typical in a PT setting. She worked on me with the mental aspect of my recovery, helping me find ways to manage my anxiety and depression, while also teaching me and guiding me through nutritional changes I could make to improve my body’s function. Still to this day these are principals I carry with me and hold onto as I continue to pursue my career in dance. Jena’s way of reimagining movement and what it means to take care of ones body, has not only helped me in my personal recovery but I have seen time and time again how she has helped an exorbitant amount of people in ways unimaginable even outside of just returning to sport such as, but not limited to, outside medical procedures, eating disorders, stress management, mental state and so much more as well as catering to the needs of the entire life span of age ranges. In short, Jena looks at the whole person in our full complexity and works through each aspect to bring the body to harmony. I joke that she’s a wizard but any problem you are going through you can bring to Jena and she will be able to find you relief in ways you didn’t even find possible. 

Lindsey / Professional Dancer

Working with Jena has changed my mindset on personal health and wellness as a whole! She connects the mind processes to the body, helping insight a deeper understanding of my intrinsic senses that work to bring me sustainable healing. Jena has taught me that my body knows exactly what it needs to heal, and the power that comes from tapping in! I love her approach because she makes me feel that I am in more control of my progress and health than I previously thought. Digging deep and understanding my power has been life changing and I am grateful to Jena for illuminating the possibilities that have brought me genuine health and happiness.

Sophia / Holistic Health Coach

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